Thursday, 27 September 2012

Getting There

Haven't got the hang of this yet still to sort out how to post pictures. I get so tired of everyone saying how easy it all is but my computer wont always behave. Well perhaps it is the operator !!
Bought another 2 patterns from my favorite site today. Heaven and Earth Designs .Wow what a treasure trove if you like patterns with that extra something. I guarantee if you enjoy a challenge, and love cross stitch this has to be the place for you to visit. I bought Eternal Promise and Foxglove Hall. I now officially have to live way beyond 100 in order to finish the ones I have . Truly NO MORE!!
I also managed to work today on a customer quilt and finished it. I have to finish as many as I can before next week when I have my shoulder surgery. Enough for now , till next time . Have a great day

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